Artisanal Elegance Since 1992

Crafting Nature's Elegance Through Wheel-ThrownCeramic Sculptures

A blue vase with red and black spots on it.

Discover My Handcrafted Wonders in New York City

Embrace the essence of artistic pottery as I bring clay to life, sculpting intricate pieces that draw inspiration from the wonders of the natural world, the work of Dr Seuss, Gorge Ohr and Antonio Gaudi. My passion dates back to my childhood. I founded my business in 1992. I specialize in crafting altered and wheel-thrown ceramic sculpture. Each creation reflects my dedication to quality and artistic expression, from functional pieces to decorative artworks. I am the Mudslinger Extraordinaire, David Changar. My studio is base in the Bronx NY. “I make it here so you can take it anywhere!”

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