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Most of our orders are shipped through Fed-Ex because they are typically the cheapest while providing great service. We do compare the prices with other shipping companies, and will use another shipping company if the price is cheaper.

Our policy is that we do not make a profit from shipping. Some sellers make a profit from both the sale of the item and shipping. That is their decision, but not one we follow.

Having said that our shipping charges do include a $2 fee to help cover the box and packaing material. The boxes and shipping material cost us over $5 per display, so we are essiential splitting the cost with you.

We use biodegradable peanuts to ship our displays. The peanuts are made from organic starch and will dissolve in water. This means it is good for the environment. However, we also try to recycle the scarp pieces of styrofoam left over from building the platforms by using them for packing material as well. If you prefer your display to be sent strictly using biodegradable peanuts, we can accommodate your request as long as we have the biodegradable peanuts (our suppliers sometime do not have them in stock).

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